How It Works

We see the positive impact our egg donors make in the lives of others as they give the gift of life.

We work with recipient parents from around the world who, for a variety of different reasons, have turned to egg donation to build their family, and who are forever grateful for women just like you, helping them make their dream of family a reality.

  • The Egg Donation Process

    Egg Donor Application

    Our egg donor application is designed to highlight your unique personality and attributes, as well as provide information about your medical history. Your completed application gives recipient parents the opportunity to learn more about you.

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    Egg Donor Match

    After being approved, your egg donor profile will be added to our confidential egg donor database. Future parents typically select egg donors based on physical characteristics, ethnicity, or hobbies or interests, similar to their own.

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    Egg Donor Screening

    Next you will participate in medical screening to determine your suitability for egg donation. This includes a physical exam and Pap smear, psychological assessment, hormone assessment and antral follicle count, genetic testing, communicable disease testing, and drug screening.

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    Egg Donor Legal Agreement

    Upon medical clearance from the fertility center, Creating New Generations will assist you with the legal agreement process between you and your recipient parents, at no cost to you. An attorney specializing in reproductive law will advise and educate you about your legal rights and responsibilities.

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    The Egg Donation Cycle

    The egg donation cycle is approximately 12–14 days in length. You will administer daily injections to promote follicular growth, and during this time, you will have ultrasounds and blood draws every 2–3 days (a total of 4–5 visits) to assess response to medication.

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    Egg Retrieval

    On egg retrieval day, you will be instructed to arrive at the designated fertility center in the early morning. After your egg retrieval procedure, you are encouraged to rest and recover the remainder of the day.

Egg Donor Compensation

As a result of your compassionate efforts during the egg donation process, you can expect to receive egg donor compensation of $8,000–15,000+, which reflects payment for your time, effort, and inconvenience through your egg donation cycle.

Over the years, our egg donors have shared stories about how they’ve used their egg donor compensation to pursue college studies, travel abroad, begin new business ventures, purchase a home, donate to charitable foundations, and set aside a nest egg for their own children. We applaud the choices created through this meaningful, heartfelt exchange of compassion between an egg donor and recipient parent.

Apply to Become an Egg Donor Today

If, after reading more about the process, you believe egg donation is right for you, you may complete our online egg donor application form. Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming an egg donor. We look forward to the opportunity to work together!

Egg Donor Application