How It Works

Are you considering partnering with an egg donor program to build your family?

Your journey through the egg donation process will allow you to realize the dream of parenthood, and it begins with searching through our database of bright and distinguished young women who have volunteered to donate their eggs.

  • Our Egg Donor Program Steps

    Review the Egg Donor Database

    Search for candidates with specific characteristics important to you, such as hair color, eye color, height, and ethnicity. You can organize your search by saving “favorite” profiles to view later.

    Search the Database
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    Reserve an Egg Donor

    Once you’ve identified your egg donor candidate, contact Creating New Generations to reserve your favorite candidate for your cycle. We will provide the necessary documents to secure the candidate, and will ask your chosen egg donor to complete a match form.

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    Egg Donor Screening

    Your fertility center will coordinate a thorough and comprehensive medical screening of your egg donor. We will assist with medical arrangements for your egg donor.

  • 4

    Legal Agreement

    The contract between you and your egg donor includes parental rights, compensation and travel, medical testing and the medical procedure, the conduct expected of you and your egg donor, as well as your egg donor’s medical insurance coverage.

  • 5

    The Egg Donation Cycle

    Your egg donation cycle is approximately 12–14 days in length. During this time, your egg donor will begin injections to promote follicular growth until your fertility clinic determines she is ready for egg retrieval procedure.

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    Embryo Transfer

    Your physician will delicately place one (or more) embryos into your (or your surrogate’s) uterus in an optimal location during the ultrasound-guided embryo transfer.

How we choose our egg donors

Our egg donors are carefully screened and personally interviewed by a Creating New Generations staff member. We take a close look at their medical history and personality traits.

Our online egg donor database provides in-depth information about each of the selfless and courageous young women registered with our egg donor program. In addition to personal and family medical history, the database includes personality details, life goals, and educational background.

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