Our Approach

At Creating New Generations, we’ve built our egg donor agency on core values identified from our experience of 17 years in the field.

We help with each and every aspect of the egg donation cycle, from providing guidance to our egg donors to assisting recipient parents with the personal and emotional aspects of securing the perfect donor match to fulfill the dream of family.

Egg donation in Oregon, and beyond

Egg donation in Oregon, and beyond

Creating New Generations first opened its doors in 2002 as a small egg donation agency with a big dream in helping others.

From our very first match, we were rewarded with the unique opportunity to watch a family be created. Our goal through the years has been to always remember that first match with our very first egg donor and parent recipients.

Today, we are just as dedicated to providing the same compassion and attention to detail as we did all those years ago, countless of matches later. We have transformed our egg donation agency in Oregon into an internationally recognized program providing an unrivaled experience to our egg donors and recipient parents alike.

High standard of care

High standard of care

We are your trusted fertility partner, committed to providing you outstanding care for the best possible chance of success.

Our patients are egg donors with goals and dreams for the future, and hopeful parents with the intense desire to build the family they’ve always dreamed of having. Combined, these paths create a unique partnership, and we’ll help you navigate the road to maximize your success together.

By partnering with our egg donor agency, we’ll offer you an unprecedented level of commitment to service, helping you through each and every aspect of your egg donation journey. With our high standard of care and meticulous attention to detail, we’re confident you’ll notice the difference!

Egg donor aplication

What Recipients and Egg Donors are saying

“Thanks again for everything you have done. You really gave this experience a personal touch and checked up on me all the time. You were one of the best parts of my experience!”
— Recipient Parents, Oregon USA
“Being able to collaborate with a couple to help them fulfill their dream of having a family is a thrilling and emotionally fulfilling opportunity.”
— Egg Donor, Pennsylvania USA
“I really can’t thank you enough. I wish every agency could provide the support and effort and especially understanding that we experienced with you.”
— Recipient Parents, New York USA